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For Newbies to the Area

Information about Palm Coast Fl provided courtesy of real estate agent Cyd Weeks. Maps, schools, hospitals, community services, recreational activities like golf courses.

So, here you are, new in town and you haven't a CLUE what people are talking about or how to get started. Let's start with the basics. Palm Coast was once owned by ITT and they had a plan for a city ... a retirement community with controlled growth. They planned the layout, sewer and water and basically how to make the town 'user friendly'.

Palm Coast Realtor Cyd WeeksIt was later sold and the City was born, but the concept stayed the same...well, sort of. We do have controlled planned growth, but we aren't a retirement community anymore! Our county is in the fastest growing county in the nation...and Palm Coast is THE central point.

Fortunately, those who had the vision originally made all the neighborhoods (subdivisions) easy to find. It's pretty difficult to get lost here. When you hear someone say, I live in the "R" section, they really are saying I live in Lehigh Woods.

The subdivisions and street names are as follows:

Pine Lakes W   Woodlands BL
Pine Grove / Belle Terre P   Palm Harbor F&C
Lehigh Woods R   Quail Hollow Z, K&LL
Cypress Knoll E   Seminole Woods S&U
Indian Trails B   Matanza Woods L

Each of these neighborhoods have their own special features, some have golf courses, some offer salt water or fresh water canal homes, others have duplex zoning, etc. You can look on your maps to see where each development is, or click here .

All of the City of Palm Coast governed by the county and city codes and ordinances. We used to have two different agencies...the Architectural Committee and the Palm Coast Services agency. Both of these have been incorporated into the city government now. Any changes you would like to make to your property may and usually does require approval by the building department and a permit fee of at least $20.00 is required. Since they have been joined with the city building department any changes you want to do can all be done in one place. Other permit fees may apply and differ depending on the work you want to do.

Because of this, Palm Coast is unique in that all subdivisions are kept groomed helping values stay up. You might hear someone mention Town Center. That is a wonderful new project that has broken ground now and is located between Belle Terre Parkway and Old Kings Rd being the west and east boundaries and Rt 100 and Royal Palms Parkway being the south and north boundaries. It's huge and it's going to be beautiful!

On the western boundary of the city there is another 6 mile stretch that is being planned, something similar to Town Center. Because of the planning, each side of the city, north south east and west will have something special and close by for shopping, entertainment and dining! There are so many things in the works and planned it is just impossible to list them all.

Outside of the City limits, to the east, you will find the Hammocks ... Ocean Hammock, Hammock Dunes, Grand Haven and other luxurious gated communities with clubhouses and/or golfing and dock space. These wonderful communities are on the ocean and intra-coastal or midway in between.

When you purchase in Flagler County, the closing costs are more than likely very different than where you are from. Most closings are handled by the Title Company. There generally are no attorneys involved.

As a buyer you can expect to pay the following costs: Recording fees for the Warranty Deed and the Mortgage Documentary Stamps on the Note (mortgage) Homeowners Insurance Survey Inspection Fees Any fees associated with your new mortgage which your mortgage broker will explain.

Phone numbers you will need:

Florida Power and Light 800-226-3545   BellSouth Telephone 888-757-6500
Brighthouse Cable 386-445-5464   Flagler Beach 386-517-2000
Water-Palm Coast 386-986-2360   Beverly Beach 386-439-3235
Water-Bunnell 386-437-7500   Waste Management 386-445-5795
Flagler Palm Coast News Tribune 386-437-2491   Waste-Flagler Beach 386-517-2000
The Flagler Times 386-446-1659   Daytona News Journal 386-437-2491

For Palm Coast Water hook ups, you are able to request service online and then follow up with a fax of the closing statement and your drivers license. Information about Palm Coast Fl provided courtesy of real estate agent Cyd Weeks. Maps, schools, hospitals, community services, recreational activities like golf courses.