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What does that mean when you go into a property management program?   It means peace of mind, knowing that someone you can trust is right here near your property watching over it, making sure it's maintained to keep your investment safe.

Property management can be a service that is just for taking care of the property while you are away on extended vacation, or perhaps you have a second home you visit a couple of months a year or perhaps you're a snow bird.   Perhaps you've hired contractors to come mow the lawn, take care of your pool...are they? Being hundreds or even thousands of miles away can be nerve wracking.  That's not the point of having a 2nd, vacation or investment property.

 Property management can also include leasing the property out for you to a viable tenant,  along with tenant relations, over-seeing repairs, management of securities, collections of rent, making proper notice to City authorities if required, back ground checks, drive bys, and making sure you are aware of what is going on.   

So what does Palmcoasting.com Real Estate Corp and Wyclip Manangement actually do?

First and foremost, both are available to you to answer questions via phone, email or text.  We understand that when you are out of the area you want to be able to communicate with someone that isn't just 'taking a message' as soon as possible.  We pride ourselves on prompt service.

Palmcoasting.com Real Estate Corp is the company that markets the property, with the same attention as if it were a property for sale..via the internet (heavily), MLS, and print.   They keep up with the market rates, meet with the tenants, show the property, collect the application and do the background/credit check.   From there, Wyclip Management Corp kicks in...they do an initial walk-through, meet with the tenant, order the lease from the attorney, collect the security to be held in escrow and any additional funds required for move in, handle all tenant and contractor relations, repairs that need to be done, property checks, accounting and help you attain your goals.   When the tenant vacates, they do a walk-through, handle any security withholding issues and close up the file.

What do you need to know?    All properties that are rental properties must be registered with the City of Palm Coast.  Other areas within Flagler County are not under this type of rule at this point.  All properties that go into the MLS must have a listing agreement signed.  All security deposits must be held in a Florida financial institution.  All notices to tenants should be in writing.  All water/sewer charges stay with the property...they do not go with the tenant when the tenant vacates so it's important to check that the last water bill was paid.  All rental income must be reported by the company collecting the rents via 1099.  Water should be run and toilets flushed even when vacant.  Air filters should be changed and a/c units maintained.  Sprinkler systems should be drained when we have those really cold spurts...they may not last long but quite a bit of damage can be done.

You're property is in good hands with Palmcoasting.com RE and Wyclip Management Corp.  We have various programs to suit your needs, be it that you just want a tenant with no management, want full tenant/management services, or just need your property maintained while you are away.  We are here in Flagler, we like what we do and we are here for YOU.  

Give us a call or text at 386-793-7302 or email at cydweeks@palmcoasting.com     You won't be sorry!