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Executive Pool Home for least @24 Edgely in Cypress Knoll, Palm Coast

Cypress Knoll, Palm Coast  -  Announcing a POOL home @ 24 Edgely, a 1,992 sq. ft., 2 bath, 4 bdrm single story "Like new". Now MLS® $1,500 USD Monthly - Gorgeous Pool Home in Golf Community.  

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Palm Coast, Fl ... Water, water and green-backs

 Did you know?   You will be required to put a deposit down in order to get waterfrom the City of Palm Coast. This deposit is held in an interest bearing account. Where's that money going you may wonder? Well, according to one of the City employees at the water company, it's held on your behalf.

After two years and with good credit, 'good credit', which is defined as "no late charges have been charged for 6 months in a row "you can have this deposit AND interest applied to your account. How? Call or write the Palm Coast water department and request it.

I'm not sure why it's not handled like FPL where interest is just credited to your account bi-annually, or why you have to call to have the credit done,  but 

 So, if you've been here two years, haven't had any late charges for 6 months, call them and get YOUR money!    (386) 986-2360

Call Cyd Weeks of Palmcoasting.com Real Estate Corp for all your real estate needs!  386-793-7302    Buying, selling, renting…primary,investment, second home.   Need property management?  Call Wyclip Management Corp.. 386-793-7303


New Listing! 4 Secretary Trail in Seminole Woods

Seminole Woods, Palm Coast  -  Announcing a new listing at  4 Secretary Trail, a 2,987 sq. ft., 2.5 bath, 5 bdrm 2 story "Large loft upstairs". Now MLS®$130,000 USD - Low price for huge house!.  Excellent condition.   Put your offer in today!

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Ranch For Sale in Seminole Woods

Great location

• 1,845 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm ranch "split plan, large master" - MLS®$100,000 USD - Short sale offering

 -  Very popular and easy going floor plan by KB Homes. Large oversized eat in kitchen, dining and living rooms, 3 large bedrooms, master with garden tub, shower and two sinks. Bright and airy split floor plan located in Seminole Woods with easy access to main highways, hospital, beaches and shopping.

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49 Seathorn Path in Seminole Woods

Seminole Woods, Palm Coast  -  Available for sale, 49 Seathorn Path, a 1,845 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm ranch "split plan, large master". Now MLS® $100,000 USD - Short sale offering.  Popular free flowing floor plan with living, dining and eat in kitchen.   Easy traveling to hospital, stores and Daytona.

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Buyer's Broker Agreements and what's it all mean?

Buyer Broker Agreements seem to cause a lot of confusion lately and I'm not quite sure why.   I guess it's because buyers are out there on the internet looking, looking looking for the perfect house, although today it doesn't seem to need to be perfect, just CHEAP.   They come into town armed with all these listings they've printed out, all generally listed by different agents.    And they go past the house.   And the call the agent from the car outside the property.

The first agent they call should and probably does ask... "Are you working with another agent?".   Of course, because this is the first house the answer, rightfully so, will be "No".   The agent jumps in the car, meets the buyer at the house, the buyer likes it but prefers to keep looking.   The agent asks.."Would you like to go back to my office and see what else is available?".   The answer of course is going to be "No, we're just looking around, we have some other houses to drive past".   And the agent if doesn't know how to handle the situation says, "well, call me if you'd like to get inside."    No mention of a buyer's broker agreement. 

So the buyer drives around, looking at the other houses, calling the listing agents who jump in the car and show them their listing.   Until...the buyer finally decides, "I liked the first house" and the agent that just happens to be with them at the time shows them the house again.   They do up an offer and away we go.

This of course creates a situation.  The buyer hasn't intentionally set anyone up, they don't know about 'situations', all they know is they want the house.  None of the agents explained to them what the situation may be.   And that situation is called procuring cause.   

So, what is procuring cause?   Well, it's a term used to define the sales associate/broker that has earned the commission.   How's it work?   Well, you look at my advertising on the internet, you print out the listing, you call me either form the number on the listing or from my sign, I show you the house, we discuss the pros/cons of the property, the way to write up an offer, how to structure it, etc.  and you tell me you'll get back to me.   You go to the next house, the next house, you're working with a Realtor® here, a different Realtor® there and then decide, hey, that first house was great and she said this and that, sharing this information with the Realtor® you just happen do be with at the time. She says...let's write it up!     So..who actually 'sold' you the house?   The first agent.  But the other agent is bringing in the offer so...procuring cause issues arise.  It's not something that really is a buyer problem but it was caused by all the players with the buyer in the front of the line.   There are some exceptions to the procuring cause claims and it's rather complicated but it's cured by having a buyer's broker agreement in place.

You see, purchasing property is a team effort, unless..you're going to write up offers yourself, negotiate yourself, deal directly with the seller yourself.  You can't do that if you're hunting online looking at properties listed on the MLS.   You need to know how this all works even with all the homes online for you to readily check out yourself. 

Enter the buyer broker agreement.   This is an agreement between the sales associate/agent/broker and the buyer.  This agreement can cover a territory, a state, a city, a neighborhood, a county or just one or a couple of houses.  It can be for a day, a week, a month, a year.   Had the first agent gotten a buyers agreement signed by the buyer when she showed the first house, just for that house even, it would have ended the procuring cause situation for that property.   Had she explained what a Realtor® does, how they get paid, how the 'system' works, the buyer would be educated, understand and know what their responsibilites are and what complications can arise.

With Palmcoasting.com Real Estate Corp, you can expect that you will be required to sign a buyers broker agreement for homes you are shown by me.   I love what I do, I love to see the gleam in your eye when you close and my goal is to have the least complicated easy going deal from start to finish.  But I do this for a living.  I want to get paid for what I do, just as the buyers want to get paid for what they do in their profession.   With an explanation of how all this works, how we get paid, why we do what we do and what we do do,what my responsiblities are to you, and you to me,  there should be no objection from a buyer to sign.  

I look forward to meeting with you and being on your team.   I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.  I'll be offering you a lot of information to make sure you know what to expect.     Call me anytime at 386-793-7302 or visit my website www.palmcoasting.com.

Cyd Weeks, Broker,  SFR®, ABR®

Looking for homes for sale in Palm Coast, Flagler County?  Let Cyd Weeks be your guide to the listings in the MLS, Short Sales, Bank Owned properties, REO's, Rentals

Price Reduced on 16 Cochran Ct in Palm Harbor - C Division

Palm Harbor - C Division, Palm Coast  -  Just listed!   Salt Water Canal lot.... 16 Cochran Ct, a lot / land "60' on Salt Water Canal". Now MLS® $65,000 USD - Excellent price~.    Buy to build or buy for investment. 

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Property Management Services

So you're buying a property as a second home, future use or for an investment.  You're far away...you're nervous...what do you do?   You hire a property manager!

Palmcoasting.com Real Estate Corp along with Wyclip Management are here to take care of your needs and your property while you are away.  Palmcoasting handles your leasing needs, Wyclip Management handles the property and tenant issues.

There are two types of services offered by Wyclip Management... 1. Rental properties   2.  Second home properties. 

It's not just enough to make sure the water and electric are on, that the lawn is being taken care of ....  water needs to be run, toilets need to be flushed, filters need to be changed, and during cold weather sprinklers need to be drained.   

Let us handle your properties while you are away or handle getting your property leased.   We handle all types of properties and tenant issues.  You can be sure your property is being taken care of properly by a local company that understands your concerns.

We are available via phone, 386-793-7302 or email cydweeks@palmcoasting.com.   Both are answered promptly.  Text us!.  We're always available. 

Price Reduced on 18 Riviera Estates Dr in Lehigh Woods

Lehigh Woods, Palm Coast  -  Announcing a price reduction on 18 Riviera Estates Dr, a 1,962 sq. ft., 2 bath, 4 bdrm single story. Now MLS® $112,000 USD - short sale pricing.

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Price Reduced on 34 Forest Grove Dr in Palm Harbor - F Division

Palm Harbor - F Division, Palm Coast  -  Announcing a price reduction on 34 Forest Grove Dr, a 1,800 sq. ft., 2 bath, 4 bdrm single story "brick veneer". Now MLS® $99,000 USD - Excellent pricing.

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Price Reduced on 16 Hammock Beach Pkwy in Ocean Hammock

Ocean Hammock, Palm Coast  -  Announcing a price reduction on 16 Hammock Beach Pkwy, a 4,643 sq. ft., 4 bath, 4 bdrm 2 story "Elegant ". Now MLS® $603,200 USD - A STEAL!.

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FREE assistance for homeowners with Foreclosure

Many homeowners today are facing difficult times but help is here.  And it's FREE. 

 Florida Legal Services and the Florida Bar Association have partnered in establishing a toll-free hotline – (866) 607-2187 –  to assist homeowners facing foreclosure.   If you're having difficulty or can see you will be having difficulty in the near future it is *always* best to start a conversation with your lender.   But that can be scary and emotionally taxing.   So, get some FREE help from an attorney that is donating their time to assist you.  More than 10,000 attorneys are volunteering their services!  

If your goal is to stay in your home and/or avoid foreclosure, give them a call.  When you first call you will be asked some questions about your situation.  This will enable the service to place you with the attorney that can best assist you in keeping out of foreclosure.

Flagler County, Palm Coast School Ratings

Well, lookie here!  

I often am asked by buyers relocating...what about the schools?  I need GOOD schools for my kids.   Well, look no further.   Flagler County School District got an A rating.   It's a fantastic achievement and my congratulations to all the administration, personnel and teachers for a job well done!   Keep up the good work.

For more information visit: http://schoolgrades.fldoe.org/default.asp

Call me for any information you need on homes here in Palm Coast, Fl   

386-793-7302     or visit my website www.palmcoasting.com   to check current listings and register for automatic notification of homes coming on the market!

Open House in Butler Beach on Friday

December 2007

Butler Beach, St Johns County  -  We invite everyone to visit our open house at 5289 CEDAR RD on December 7 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

This 7 bedroom 4 bath pool & 3 car beauty sits on the intra-coastal.  This is a one time open house showing.  Realtors are encouraged to visit.  Bring qualified customers with you!   

***If you are a buyer not working with a Realtor please contact me at 386-793-7302 to register.***

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Price Reduced on 9 Eagle View Dr in Palm Coast Plantation

Palm Coast Plantation, Palm Coast  -  Announcing a price reduction on 9 Eagle View Dr, a lot / land "corner lot ". Now MLS® #147346   $119,900 USD - Cheeeeeep!.

This lot is sitting in the prestigious Palm Coast Plantation, a gated community with new huge builds going up daily.   This is the time to lock in your future homesite at an unbelievable price!   NO BUILD TIME!

Property information

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